First Method of Correction

On this first day of 2013, it seems fitting that my body wanted First Method of Correction on both sides this morning. How did I know that? I don’t know – it was a gut instinct when I picked up my books. I guess you could say my books “speak” to me in this way….Wonder if any other JSJ practitioners use this method??

I moved from having tense shoulders/neck and a lot of fear and apprehension (mostly about a new job I just started) to feeling much more in the flow, relaxed, and Present. It’s these little miracles that keep me turning to my Text I and Text II every day for help when I feel out of balance. I almost always find the answer there, although sometimes life asks me to make a change, go for a walk, have a talk with somebody, etc. Understanding when an inner shift is needed vs. an external action being required is part of the mystery, I suppose…


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