Little Fingers – help with Effort-ing

Wow, sometimes the fingers amaze me so much.

I have recently had a shift in employment, and ever since it began, I’ve been feeling nervous, tense, and had trouble sleeping. It’s been as if I thought I needed to TRY to fix things that needed to fall apart and just turn into dust. And that is ok…it was time for them to do that.

But in resisting that truth, I’ve been making all sorts of attempts to hold things together, to try to keep everything the way it used to be, for many years…

I could not figure out exactly which fingers to hold, or which flows would help, because I did not remember one simple teaching of Mary’s: little fingers help the nervous system. And my nervous system was on high alert and not letting me relax. I thought I would need to take something to help me sleep if I didn’t get a good night’s rest at some point.

Just now, I finally realized what finger needed my help: little fingers. I held the right, then the left, until I felt intense tension moving through and releasing, and my breath relaxed for the first time in days. What a relief!

I no longer feel like I am going to need help sleeping tonight…we will see, but I feel very different now – much more accepting and at rest.

Thank you, Mary!!


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