This is Jennifer posting instead of Sarah.

I taught a weaving class last weekend at a fiber festival. On Saturday, I talked almost constantly all day long, and by the end of the day was beginning to sound like I had a two-pack a day smoking habit. I was dreading Sunday, when I had several more hours of class to get through.

When I woke up Sunday morning and swallowed, I knew it was not good. Still lying in bed, I tried to say something out loud. What came out was a pathetically weak sounding Marlon Brando whisper, only a lot less sexy. If I didn’t mind the pain, I could make louder noises, but they simply were not understandable as language.

The image came in my mind of Lynne Pflueger, one of my favorite 5-Day Basic Seminar teachers, holding her upper arm when her voice gave out in class. I had about a half hour before I had to get up, so I rolled on my side and crossed my arms, placing each hand half way between shoulder and elbow on the opposite arm (a spot called the high 19). Since I was lying down, I could “trap” my hands, and let myself completely relax.

About 15 minutes later I moved my hands, still crossed, to the inside of my knees (known as Safety Energy Lock 1). With a pillow between my knees, I was again able to relax and not have to hold my hands in place. When the alarm went off in another 15 minutes, I was able to talk in a normal voice, finish the class, pack my gear, load the car, and drive five hours to get home.


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