Fingers and Enlightenment…

As I continue to hold my fingers every day, practice Main Central and Mediators, hold 11/15 and 11/25, and respond to whatever energetic needs I have, I’m also re-reading Mary’s texts and wondering, “Is Jin Shin Jyutsu a path to enlightenment?”

And the answer is: I’m not sure. She certainly suggests that as we exhale and inhale, we remember who we truly are and let go of who we are not. And our true self, as she describes it, is infinite and free of FEAR. So, as we let go of the past and future and inhale “purified energy” from the cosmos, are we becoming more and more enlightened? And does holding my fingers fit in there, too?

I’m curious how other practitioners view their “goals” for practice. Is it to stay healthy and happy, or to uncover and inhabit True Self? Or both? Maybe Jennifer will respond….


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