26-Flow, Main Central, Umbilicus, and Lung…What do they have in common?

Ok, so I’ve been working with some flows lately that I don’t normally use, and I am trying to determine the common thread. I do practice Main Central almost every day, and self-help Umbilicus fairly regularly. But several nights ago I was awake around 4am and found myself wanting to use a 26 flow, and today I needed a lung flow.

Lately I have been in continued transition between the Old and the New (which is still very much unknown). I’ve left behind a long history of “just working for money” and embarked on a path of letting Spirit guide my vocation. It’s been frightening and unsettling to say the least, but it also so much more exciting and fun and rich. In addition, I hear stories every day about people quitting their jobs and embarking on a similar adventure, so I know that I am not alone in this longing to find authentic work.

26 is “perfect realization of eternal splendor and limitless light.” It helps to harmonize past, present, and future, keeps the body forever in rhythm, and releases accumulations. It’s about abundance; it is the “director” in life. Wow, now it is making more sense. Maybe it’s time for some deeper direction, and my 26 is helping me let go of my past accumulations and be in rhythm with the present state of abundance.

Lung is also about rhythm, breath, foundation, and vitality. It helps to relieve feelings of guilt and being stuck. It is the “I AM” of the 12-organ function energies. Umbilicus is breath essence, protecting and nourishing all organs. It is the source of all body energy and harmonizes relationships and the lumbar circle. It connects me back to Source, just as Main Central does, but on the 12-organ level.

All combined, it seems like I’m receiving help with coming into cosmic rhythm and vitality. It seems like a new time of moving forward, releasing the past and welcoming the present with open arms. I am so grateful for the Jin Shin Jyutsu “specialists” who seem to know where I’m headed before I do!


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