Leg/foot cramps resolved within seconds

I’ve posted about this before, but the miracle continues to amaze me. I woke up at 1am last night with terrible cramping in my left foot, ankle, and calf. I’d had a long, somewhat stressful weekend, and I was probably dehydrated. When I felt the cramping, I grabbed my left index finger, remembering that bladder/kidney energies, which oversee the muscles, as well as our fluid balance, are helped by that finger. Within seconds, the cramping began to relax. I held for a few minutes, until it was completely gone, and I went back to sleep.

Amazing, because in the past, leg and foot cramps have meant 30 minutes (at least) of pacing around, trying to get the muscles to release through movement and massage, all the while experiencing terrible pain. It’s so much easier to work on cramps at the energetic level!! One of the many reasons I love Jin Shin Jyutsu so much.


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