Stuffy nose, fatigue, anxiety…all helped by JSJ!

Just wanted to post a few minor miracles I’ve experienced in the past few days with JSJ self-help.

I woke up with a very stuffy nose a couple of days ago, and worked on gall bladder flow. The right side was relaxing, but when I started on the left side flow, wow – my sinuses completely opened up and my whole head cleared, including my thoughts. It was such a quick shift – I must have really needed that flow.

I was also really helped two days ago by spleen flow (both sides). I’d been overdoing it and was exhausted. By energizing “root” energy, spleen flow revived me and helped me to feel connected to the Earth.

This morning I was having tons of anxiety about…who knows what. Changes, uncertainty, etc. I practiced Main Central and Mediator flows, and felt so much calmer. I was able to go on with my day normally instead of obsess about what seemed to be “wrong.” What a relief!


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