Immune system boosting

Over the weekend I started to notice my lymph nodes on the left side of my neck swelling up and my left ear feeling inflamed. This is a sure sign that I’ve picked up a virus of some kind. So I used several JSJ self-help sequences to feed vital life force into those areas and boost my immune system overall.

First, I opened my SEL 15s (at the front crease of the hip) by holding 15 with 6 (inner arch of foot) on both sides. Then, I held 15 with 3 (inner scapula/shoulder area) for several minutes on both sides. Next, I worked on the Supervisor energy by holding 11 (shoulder) with 25 (sit bone), then 11 with 15.  I also worked on Main Central, Mediator, and all the fingers, as I do regularly.

Within 24 hours, the swelling and pain were gone. My sinus on that side is now draining. Small miracle! For more immune-system boosting sequences, see Anita Willoughby’s YouTube series.


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