Candida and Deep Skin Descending Function Energy

This is Sarah…

I took a lot of antibiotics as a child (for ear infections). I also have a tendency to get sinus infections and large intestine projects (Second Depth – lung and large intestine). I struggle with candida overgrowth off and on and usually take a maintenance dose of Candida Cleanse (Rainbow Light) every day. However, sometimes I still have symptoms.

Recently, I tried Deep Skin Flow when I first started noticing the symptoms of candida infection. I lay on the sofa and propped my lower legs up on a stack of pillows with my knees bent. I slid my hands under my calves so I was “palming my calves.” I held this position for about 20 minutes.

Over the next 24 hours, the symptoms disappeared. What an easy and fast way to get relief!

In JSJ, “deep skin” refers to the level of the physical body that is connected to the 2nd Depth. It includes the layers of tissue beneath the skin’s surface. Deep Skin Descending Function Energy helps to cool the body and harmonize the causes of fungus growth, eczema, and acne. It also harmonizes lymph and erases wrinkles and scars. It can help sunburn, fever, heat stroke, and radiation burn.

I probably need to be using this flow at least a few minutes every day to help my Second Depth stay in harmony…I’m very glad to have it as my helper!


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