Which finger is it?

Jin Shin Jyutsu nerd alert: Sometimes when I feel acutely out of harmony, I just KNOW that there is one, simple key to restoring harmony and balance.

Today, I was feeling very tight in my chest and having trouble breathing deeply. I had the sense that I was EFFORTING all day long, and I could not relax into the moment. I’ve been “trying to” figure out a few things in my life lately, and it’s felt like wading through mud.

While sitting in a meeting, I held all my fingers/thumbs, starting with the left thumb. I experienced a relaxing energy flow with each one, but when I got to my right little finger (the last one I held), my body, mind, and spirit went, “Aaaaaaah.” That was it – the KEY to my present state of disharmony, which was clearly about the attitude of pretense/trying to. But because energy is all-encompassing, the little finger energy was affecting my chest, shoulders, and neck along with my thoughts, feelings, and spirit. All of them released and let go when I held the “right” finger.

There is always a benefit from self-help, and there are many ways to accomplish the same thing in Jin Shin Jyutsu. However, when I can find the most efficient route to relief, I’m always so grateful for this incredibly simple, powerful Art.


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