Overwork, 14 Flow, and Liver Flow

I haven’t written a blog post in a while, probably because I’ve been overworking! It really caught up with me yesterday. My mind was foggy, I felt depressed and pessimistic, and I thought about quitting my job as an in-home therapist for kids and families. It’s an emotionally demanding job that often does not have definite goals, but is like swimming around in high levels of feeling all the time.

I usually spend my weekends resting and restoring after a week of tough sessions – some rewarding, but most grueling. Yesterday, I thought I had reached my limit and would not be able to keep going. It was all just too much, and I felt deeply fatigued.

Thankfully, Saturday arrived, and I had a couple of hours to practice self-help without the pressure of needing to go anywhere. I picked up my Texts I and II and had a strong feeling that I needed a 14 flow. It’s not easy to do all the steps on yourself, but I managed to figure it out. As I held each pair of Safety Energy Locks, I slowly felt the tension in my mind and body begin to unwind. I finished the left side and moved on to the right. More releasing, letting go, relaxing, and a feeling of peace began to replace the fear, anger, and grief that had been gripping me so tightly.

After the 14 flows, I knew I wasn’t finished. I picked up my books again and had a strong sense that I now needed Liver Flow. I completed the flow pattern on the right, then held the first 2 steps on the left. I don’t know how long all of this took, but I felt completely renewed afterward. I could hardly believe how simple it was to relieve several days’ worth of hopelessness and come back to feeling like myself again.

These examples happen all the time, but some self-help sessions are more dramatic than others. This one left me feeling like I could never live without Jin Shin Jyutsu! I love it so much and want to share it with all who are interested. It is truly a gift.


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