Medical Model and Skepticism

It’s been another long while since I posted in this blog. I’ve been undergoing a lot of changes, as it sounds like many others have, as well.

I also recently made an important discovery about my relationship with Jin Shin Jyutsu. Coming from a medical family, I have internalized skepticism about JSJ and holistic healing in general.

My inner truth is that I practice JSJ self-help every day, many times a day, and I absolutely adore it and rely on it to prevent small imbalances from becoming larger imbalances.

I’ve decided to try and embrace that little inner skeptic in me who just wants to fit into society and mainstream views, which are pretty overwhelming in my community and family. I believe that the fear of practices like Jin Shin Jyutsu stems from a desire to be part of a larger clan of “rational thinkers” (Descartes-esque). And we all want to be a part of a clan – it’s a basic human need.

But not to embrace fully what I actually experience in my body when I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu is a sad thing. I experience mini-miracles almost every day when I practice. I even take them for granted now, because they are so frequent.

Philomena Dooley said that Jin Shin Jyutsu is “the new medicine” and that in the future, it will be mainstream. I’m just now coming to internalize her words. She is saying that one day, we will embrace our inner divinity such that we will KNOW that we can heal ourselves, and it will become second nature.

I know that lots of people already believe and embrace this idea, but it’s still growing from a small, outfield type of view to something larger and all-encompassing.

The more I can embrace my own fears and skepticism as simply my desire to fit in and be part of a larger (if dysfunctional) clan of “insiders,” the more I can let go of those fears and own my personal experiences of healing with Jin Shin Jyutsu.

And that state of fearlessness (“no attitude,” Mary would say) is contagious.


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