Lung Flow, 10 Flow, 3 Flow helping spine

I had a surprising experience with self-help over the past two days. I’ve been having extreme tension in my occipital/ upper neck area, along with tension in my sacral/ coccyx area. Normally, I would go to gall bladder or liver flows to help with these tensions (or something related to third depth or perhaps Main Central).

But this time, my instincts were telling me to do lung flow, 10 flow, and 3 flow. Clearly, there was something second depth-related going on.

After I completed all of these flows (plus bladder flow), my Breath felt so full, and my mind completely opened up. It seems like the tension in my upper and lower spine was primarily related to the attitude of grief/ holding on, rather than to anger and frustration. And knowing that third depth energizes second depth and second depth can disharmonize third depth, it makes sense that unburdening second depth helped to relieve some areas of third depth tension.

I love being surprised by what flows are needed – it’s part of the FUN of Jin Shin Jyutsu!


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