Small Miracles with Self-Help

Last week, I developed a sore throat that came on in the evenings. It would go away during the day, so I thought it was resolved, but then it returned each night. I remembered that Anita said: “Whenever there is a sore throat, think small intestine.” So I practiced small intestine flow on both sides, taking my time with each step. The next day, the sore throat was gone, and it hasn’t returned. I almost forgot about the Jin Shin Jyutsu I had practiced, and then realized: “That was a small miracle!”

This morning, I practiced 1-flows, Spleen Flow, Stomach Flow, 13 Flow, and the first step of 15 flow (I had a lot of time on my hands, apparently!) After this session, my breathing felt relaxed, my head and emotions were clear, my heart was open, and I felt fully embodied and strong. Over time, I have come to take for granted these small miracles. They are so powerful, and I feel liberated knowing that I have these tools with me at all times!


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