Waking up to breathe

This morning, I woke up halfway hyperventilating, with my diaphragm stuck near the base of my rib cage, my chest tight, and my thoughts worried.

When I wake up like this, I know something is cooking! I know that I’m stressed, and I need to work on myself. It’s the only way out.

I also knew intuitively (from lots of experience) that I needed a Lung Flow and a 13 Flow. So I practiced these flows, and my breath started to open up and release. I relaxed into my body, felt more hopeful and optimistic, and began to enjoy life again, within about 30 minutes!

I looked at my books to determine if there was another flow I needed, and Gall Bladder jumped out at me. After practicing that flow, my tailbone released, and more energy flowed into my lower body, which then opened up energy flow throughout my being.

After I practice JSJ, I like to journal, because there is usually something important for me to notice or understand about what’s going on in my body/mind/spirit. This morning, I learned about my desire to be more rooted and grounded in the Earth, while simultaneously reaching to the Heavens and connecting High to Low in my life. Gall Bladder helps to open up the middle of the body (Safety Energy Lock 14 at the base of the rib cage) , which is our connection between Heaven and Earth. As I open up my middle, there is less restriction of energy between my highest heights and my deepest depths.

I have an experience similar to this one almost every morning, though the sequence of flows changes. 13 Flow is very common these days: opening up to the Heavens and allowing Love to flow freely in and out of the body/mind/spirit.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share Jin Shin Jyutsu with a growing community of people in Middle Tennessee and beyond….it’s FUN to get to open up this world to other Seekers!


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