My friends, the Flows

I just want to thank the following Jin Shin Jyutsu flows for saving me in big and small ways:

Umbilicus – when I feel sunken into myself and small, like a baby who is disconnected from life, you reconnect me to Source and show me my Divinity again.

Bladder – when I’m terrified and panicked, and my neck and back are tightly held in fear, I practice Bladder flows and immediately feel more relaxed, grounded, open, and less fearful.

Spleen – when I’ve run myself into the ground and forgotten my inner Light, you bring the sunshine back into my being and allow me to RECEIVE nourishment again.

Stomach – I love you, Stomach flow, when you correct my insane thinking and bring me back down to earth.

Lung – I’ve been practicing you a lot lately, Lung, because I’m leaving behind a LOT of old attachments, and you are supporting me in entering MYSELF (I AM) rather than living only for and through other people.

Trinity Flows – Alignment with Source, coming back into my true identity.

First Method of Correction – when grief and loss become overwhelming, you show me how to get re-aligned with the reality that we are always whole, even as we move through difficult and painful experiences.


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