Working with fear and anxiety

For the past two mornings, I’ve been waking up with a lot of fear and anxiety, most likely due to making some big transitions in my life.  I’ve worked with the same flows both mornings, and they have helped me immeasurably. Right bladder flow, 1 flow on both sides, left stomach flow, and umbilicus flow (side changes). Here is my interpretation of why these flows are calling my name:

Right bladder – current fears of upcoming changes. Needing to get more in the flow of life.

1 flow – I’m seeking a sense of unity with myself, as well as grounding and movement – 1 is the prime mover.

Left stomach – old worries resurfacing due to changes and fears in the present.

Umbilicus – my ongoing project! Connects me to the Source of life so I can let go of the other stuff and just exist blissfully as a Being on the planet.

I continue to be amazed by and ecstatic about the power of two little hands – power that anyone can access any time.


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