I haven’t worked much with the mudras from Text 1 since I started practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu…most likely because I like the idea of a “flow” that is somehow washing energy streams clear of debris. However, on Mary Burmeister’s birthday (October 21), JSJ practitioners around the world held the mudras at 7pm in their local time zone to “gather in unconditional cosmic love” as a community. What a beautiful thing!

So I practiced just as I was about to leave work at 7pm, and the mudras had a strong effect on me. I imagine the effect was intensified by all of the practitioners around the world holding them that day. I felt centered, calm, and full of positive energy afterward.

Practicing them today, I remember that the mudras clear all the depths, help the inhale and exhale, help us let go of impurities, and return us to rhythm and harmony with the universe. Cynthia Broshi suggested that one could spend an entire retreat on the mudras alone. I’d love to try it!

My notes on this page in my text say: “Birth of joy” and “We are in control of a mysterious force.” There are 8 mudras, and 8 is the Magic Number.

Here is a picture of page 47 from Text 1. Try the mudras any time you want to revitalize, restore, and center your energy system.




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