Autumn – Season of Letting Go

Autumn is the season of the Second Depth – the Breath of Life, the lungs and large intestine, the deep tissue layer of the body, the attitude of grief, the depth that brings together mind, body, and spirit.  Any projects related to respiration, letting go, and sadness may intensify during this time.

One of the simplest ways to keep our system in harmony is the 36 Breaths: wrap your arms around yourself, resting your hands in your armpits. Bow your head slightly and close your eyes. Count 36 conscious exhales, receiving purified energy with each inhale. Nine represents the end of one cycle and beginning of another, and four means consciousness. With 36 breaths, we renew our consciousness completely.

JSJ, Inc. offers self-help newsletters on their website. Here is one related to breathing projects:

Letting go, releasing attachments that no longer serve us, and coming into the present moment are healing practices during this time. Getting ready to become a deep seed in winter, filled with potential for the new spring.


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