Umbilicus Flow, “The Road to the Sky”

UmbilicusFlowI love Umbilicus Flow. In the classes I’ve taken, it’s been called many things:

~The Road to the Sky (Mayan)
~The Moon
~The Earth Flow
~The Furnace
~The Breath Essence

It is most active between birth and age 3. It protects and nourishes all organs, and it takes love and makes it into usable energy for the body. Isn’t that amazing??  It also balances day and night and releases the base of the spine.

As a 6th Depth Flow, Umbilicus is about our relationship to Spirit, and in fact, it helps to harmonize all of our relationships. It helps with emotional projects and inhibition, as it allows the body’s energy to ascend and clean out blockages to “self-mothering.”

It’s very easy to practice this flow on yourself (see image above)…Here’s how to read it:

~Safety Energy Lock 11 is at the shoulder, where the neck and shoulder meet.
~Safety Energy Lock 12 is on the back of the neck, on the ropy muscle that lines either side of the spine, halfway down the neck from the base of the skull.
~Safety Energy Lock 20 is at the forehead, above the eyebrow.

“L” and “R” refer to which hand is holding the Safety Energy Lock. For example, for the right flow, the left hand stays on the right 11 while the right hand holds left 12, then left 20, then right 12.

You can practice both sides of the flow, or just one, whichever feels right to you. Hold each pair of Safety Energy Locks until you feel a gentle, rhythmic pulsation, or for 2-3 minutes each.

This flow always helps me to remember to mother myself, because it is so nurturing. I feel happier, warmer, and more loving after completing this flow for the millionth time :), because it’s something I’m constantly working on and need help with. It never fails me when it is asking for my help, and I respond.



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