Digesting thoughts, food, experiences

Held Stomach Flow (anterior descending energy in Self-Help Book I) helps me so much when I begin to feel ungrounded and uncertain of who I am.

Yesterday, there were some wild energies flying around Nashville (in my perception). I found it a bit overwhelming and got totally off balance.

This morning, I was still pretty wobbly and practicing JSJ as I usually do, and Stomach Flow came into my awareness. I practiced it on the left side, and it was like all the “craziness” traveled out of my body and down into the Earth. What a relief!  I still had more balancing to do later (through writing and processing what I experienced yesterday), but until I used Stomach Flow to feel the ground of my being, I was flying around very nervous and anxious.

Stomach Flow anchors on Safety Energy Lock 21, just below the cheekbone. This SEL helps us to “escape from mental bondage” and experience “profound security” (Self-Help Text II). The flow itself helps us to communicate, to be understood, and to understand. It is a 1st Depth/ Earth flow.

A shortcut for this flow is to hold the right cheekbone with the left fingers and just below the right collarbone with the right fingers. For left side, hold left cheekbone with the right fingers and just below the left collarbone with left fingers. This step can help with headaches and sinus congestion, as well as digesting food, thoughts, and experiences.

As we integrate what is happening in our lives rather than spinning off in panic and anxiety (which are related to the 1st Depth), we come back down to Earth and feel safe again – held, connected, loved.

The organ of the 1st Depth is our skin surface, the body’s largest organ, which is our first point of contact with the outside world.

Anxiety can be related to needing to feel held rather than threatened by the outside world and the people who take care of us as children (1st Depth is in charge of our development between birth and age 15). Feeling safe in our bodies and with those who love us is critical to healthy development.

Stomach Flow helps us to ground into life and experience the sweetness of our own existence (and it helps curb cravings for sweets!) The taste of the 1st Depth is sweetness…..



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