SEL 1 – The Prime Mover

Safety Energy Lock 1, loRowOfTurtlescated on the inside of the knee, is about “connecting the extreme
height with the extreme depth.” (Self-Help Text II). For me, 1 is often about bringing thoughts out of the mental sphere alone and allowing my body to integrate them. The 1-Flow is three steps (easiest when lying on your side): Hold the left low back, at the top of the left hip crest (SEL 2), with right hand, and it stays there throughout the flow. The left hand holds the left inner knee (SEL 1), then the left inner heel (SEL 5), then left tip of big toe (SEL 7). Hold each pair of SEL’s until a rhythmic pulsation is felt. Reverse for right side. 

As the “Prime Mover,” this flow helps to move us out of ruts and stuck places in body/mind/spirit. It clears the head, chest, and abdomen and is a good flow for babies. It helps us to focus when we feel scattered. I like to fall asleep with my arms crossed and holding my inner knees (lying on my side) – this hold is also a good “quickie” for SEL 1 any time.

SEL 1 connects the toes with the head and the head with the toes, creating a “Cosmic Egg” of energy surrounding us (just like Main Central energy does before the Supervisors are born at the knee). The 1-Flow, like Stomach Flow, is one of my main grounding flows, opening up the pathways to Earth connection and moving me out of anxiety and fear. In combination with other flows, such as 10-Flow, I find that it helps me to consolidate the information generated and restored by the other flows. It’s truly miraculous at times!

Mary often reminded students of the spiritual principle of “As above, so below; as below, as above.” We are whole, and we are a mirror of the Divine. 1-Flow can help to connect us with the Highest Heights so that we don’t forget our earthly nature is just a reflection of what Created it.


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