Saving Flows

It is amazing how I can post in this blog, practice Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help every day, organize classes, etc., but then when I get REALLY sick, I forget that I need to step up the JSJ treatments to get better!!

Two weeks ago, I caught some sort of bug that turned out to be bacterial (because antibiotics helped it immediately when I finally decided to go to the doctor). However, the antibiotics only helped partially, and after a few days, the symptoms (dizziness, major head congestion, sinusitis, and fatigue) returned. I felt very disappointed, because this bug was bumming me out BIG-time.

I realized that what I really needed was an energetic shift. Concurrent with this illness, I was going through some major emotional changes and shifts and doing a lot of grieving over past relationships. I needed support for mind, body, and spirit, not just body.

So I contacted Brant Keany, LMT, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner in Nashville and co-organizer for Nashville JSJ classes. He gave me sessions two nights in a row.

The morning after the second session, I woke up in huge throes of grief that I didn’t even know existed. It was amazing and surprising and very healing.

After I let go deeply in this way, I began to feel better in a substantial way, but it was bigger than just my body feeling better. My body, mind, and spirit also felt better, more balanced, and whole. I felt so grateful to Brant for being there for me during this time, because I had begun to feel hopeless about getting better.

I asked him to give me Third and First Methods of Correction on the first night (I’m really bossy about which flows I want to receive ;)). On the second night, he gave me a 20,21,22 flow followed by a 16,17,18,19 flow.

Something about the combination of these flows healed me – I suspect that the first night was about “emergency” energetic resetting, and the second night was about releasing all of that grief out of the thought realm and allowing it to descend into the body realm, where it could be felt and released.

I feel SO much better now, and I feel so incredibly grateful about the shift that took place during these sessions. FusciaLilies

A doctor might not believe me that Jin Shin Jyutsu made the difference, but it did. I was
beginning to get worse again on the antibiotics, and nothing substantial was really shifting.

Thank you, Brant, and thank you, Mary and Jiro for bringing this beautiful gift of healing into the world!!


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