Limitless Life Power

DragonflyIn my last post, I talked about having an illness that was difficult to overcome….I am still working with this project! It has been an interesting ride.

I can’t say that I know what’s going on, or why certain issues related to the original illness have not totally resolved. However, I can say that since I got sick in the middle of March, I have been working on my Lung/ 10/ 13 energy non-stop, every day. 1-Flow and Umbilicus have also been supportive and balancing.

It seems like I’m opening up Bustline flows (10, 13, Lung) in order to be able to receive Spirit and let Spirit move back out into the world after I metabolize it. 10-Flow has been described in many beautiful ways (SEL 10 is located at the inside of the middle of the shoulder blade):

~Limitless life power
~Abundant warehouse
~Matter going back to Spirit
~Balancing masculine and feminine

As I’m working on my bustline area, grief comes up around ways I’ve abandoned myself and been unable to stand for myself over the years. It’s interesting that this strengthening happens through the spiritual area of the body (bustline is Spirit, waistline is the human nature, and hipline is the physical nature).

I’m continuing to struggle with some dizziness and head congestion, but I’m light-years beyond where I was when I first got this, because I was really scared when it first hit me!  Seemed like my body became dislocated from my mind somehow…That’s the only way I can describe it.

I keep hearing about people getting sick in unusual, long-lasting ways that don’t respond to antibiotics and other traditional medical interventions. I wonder if some of these projects are gifts to help up see more clearly in some way. I hope so! I will keep responding to my body in whatever way it’s requesting….Seems like I need the Big Breath of Life right now!!


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