Why can’t Jin Shin Jyutsu heal everything?

OpeningI have a good friend who often asks me why I still have problems if I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu all the time. Sometimes good friends keep you on your toes by asking the tough questions. 🙂

The truth for me is that Jin Shin Jyutsu has nothing to do with “healing,” per se. It is all about LOVING WHAT IS. Mary says, “BE IT IS, IS.” She likes to use acronyms and koans in her writing so that you will look more deeply each time you encounter the texts (that is my interpretation, at least)… BE Infinite Truth, Infinite Self, Impersonal Self. She doesn’t say, “Heal everything, and never have any problems.” The “goal,” as it were, is a spiritual one, not a physical or mental/emotional one.

What brings most people to Jin Shin Jyutsu is healing. We want to heal ourselves and one another, because we suffer and want to feel more whole. That makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

However, once we start walking down the path of NOW KNOW MYSELF, we realize that we are already whole, and Jin Shin Jyutsu simply wakes us up to that fact, as all spiritual paths are designed to do. Jin Shin Jyutsu’s way in is through the body, but you can enter this path from any number of directions. I happen to love Jin Shin Jyutsu’s way, because it is grounded in the body. But I could have chosen chanting, skydiving, mandala painting, centering prayer, etc…..

The point is that Spirit is Spirit. We meet Spirit in infinitely creative and diverse ways as human beings. We don’t have to follow one or another path, because just as there are many languages on the face of the earth, there are many ways to heal our sense of separation from Source, which is the beginning of suffering.

Why doesn’t Jin Shin Jyutsu heal everything that ails me? Who knows, maybe it will one day. I don’t practice it for that purpose, though. I practice it to bring me closer to my core essence, which is Spirit. When I’m closer to that Essence, and I remember who I really am (Divine), then I feel happy, healthy, and whole, which has innumerable positive effects on body, mind, and spirit. Health and healing come from remembering I am not separate from my Origins in Spirit. The rest unfolds from there.


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