Deep Skin Healing


Deep Skin Flow on a porch swing

About two years ago, I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my forehead, near my hairline. It was in the neighborhood of Safety Energy Lock 20 (about an inch above the eyebrow). The doctor said, “See you for the next one!” as I was leaving, which I did not appreciate.

Two years later, another one developed in a similar area on the other side of my forehead. What a disappointment! I thought I had been taking such good care of myself, including boosting my immunity through daily Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help.

However, what I realized is that I had not been practicing Deep Skin Flow, which is essential for someone with chronic skin projects like me. When I finally woke up to how important this flow is for me, I forced myself to create a discipline around it (which I resist until the last minute!) I started practicing Deep Skin Flow twice a day, as well as clearing Safety Energy Lock 20 through several different holds and flows.

Since I began these practices, the spot on my forehead seemed to grow, spread out, become thinner, and then disappear. I did have it biopsied so that I could be sure it was not dangerous, but it’s gone now, except for some dryness and flakiness.

I have not received the results of the biopsy yet. I hope they are negative, but because there is no spot there any more, I can’t imagine the doctor will want to intervene….We will just have to see. I will respect what he says, while also consulting my own body.

To practice Deep Skin Flow, hold your calves. Very simple. My favorite way to do it is to sit up, legs crossed, and slide my hands over my calves so that my palms are making full contact with the back of the calf. I first hold right calf with right hand and left with left, then cross my hands and hold right calf with left hand, left with right. I find this flow – especially with my hands crossed – very relaxing and soothing. Because I’m essentially also holding Safety Energy Lock 8 (at the backs of the knees) with this hold, it’s relaxing the muscles of the whole body (SEL 8 helps anything related to muscles). It helps me to feel fully present in my body. Deep Skin Flow helps the Second Depth, which is about Breath, and therefore, being in the moment.

You can also hold your calves while sitting in a chair, or have someone else hold them while you are lying down (which feels the best!) Experiment with hands crossed and uncrossed to see which is more relaxing, which is a sign that the body needs that side held more.

My family has a history of having “spots” removed from the skin – especially my dad. We have lovely white British skin that doesn’t take too well to a lot of skin exposure, of which I was extremely fond as a teenager. Wish I’d known better then. But now I have Jin Shin Jyutsu to support harmonization of deep skin projects.

ALWAYS have a recurring skin project checked by a doctor!!! And use Jin Shin Jyutsu to support your healing!!!

With tons of love,



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  1. Susan Brock says:

    Sarah, thanks so much for sharing your practice and experiences with us!!! I get so much out of them and always find a golden nugget in them! I appreciate you…

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