RainbowOceanThis morning, some very, very dear friends packed up my apartment in Nashville, took things over to my parents’ house to store until I can get back and deal with them (thanks, Dad!), and organized the rest so that some of the essentials could be shipped to me here on the Big Island. Holy Cow.

I started thinking about Bridges in Jin Shin Jyutsu, and how the body itself is a Bridge between the Invisible and Visible worlds.

I cannot express how much gratitude I feel today toward my friends for offering me this heart service without asking for anything in return.

But if I allow myself to RECEIVE it, then I understand that ultimately, it’s just Life giving unto Life. None of it belongs to me OR them OR anyone else – it’s just life giving unto life, because LOVE is the basic situation of the lifeforce.

There is the Bridge IN: the 6th Depth (Spirit) coming into the 3rd Depth (Key/Soul/Lifeforce) through the portal of the pelvis and sacrum.

Then there is the Bridge OUT: the 4th Depth (Love) going back into the 6th Depth (Spirit) through the portal of the heart/lungs/chest.

We are these transforming beings who use Spiritual Force to do work in the world, transmuting it into Love and sending it back to Spirit from whence it came.

Oh my God, that is so beautiful!!!

Because my friends created this Bridge from my old life to my new life now, and they loved me so well that it convinced me I am beautiful and worthy of being loved, enjoyed, and appreciated, now I HAVE to accept that I am a transmuting being, turning Spiritual Energy into usable energy for the body (6th Depth into 3rd Depth), then sending it back out into the Universe to be used by other beings (4th Depth to 6th Depth), infinitely, in an endless circle of Life.

Wow wow wow!!!

This changes everything, now that I ACCEPT it.

Sometimes it is hard to accept our beauty, our lovability, our Divinity.

Because we’ve been conditioned to believe that we will only be loved “IF.” So many if’s, conditions, or simply forms of illusory deprivation.

Illusory because Love is still THERE when we are deprived of it, but it’s just very, very hard to see.

So to BE in the state of transforming Love into usable energy for the body and the world constantly is to accept your lovability and your beauty and your power constantly.

Not an easy thing if you have lots of clouds over your eyes about your true Nature, which I know I’ve spent decades clearing away and continue to clear every single day.

Gratitude is the cure for deprivation, but sometimes Grace has to do that, because we can’t.

Grace helped me today to accept how worthy of love I really am.

I’ll never forget this lesson again, because that would be like wasting my friends’ kindness and selfless acts of love.

I hope that they received something from this experience, too, because it truly opened up my eyes to what true love is – generosity of Spirit so someone else feels lighter, easier in life.

What a huge gift. What a huge, huge gift.


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1 Response to Bridges

  1. Susan Brock says:

    I agree Sarah – wow, wow, wow!!! What beautiful realizations you are having and how lovely you are accepting and even embracing the truth of who you, we, all are! And what an amazing gift your friends have given you. Yes, you are loved!!! Thanks for the update…keep them coming! And I hope the job search is proving fruitful for you – sometimes it takes patience. I am betting that things will (or maybe even have) fall into place :)…

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