ManaCard-1-IOIn every Jin Shin Jyutsu 5-Day Basic Seminar, we are taught that everything starts from the Void, the 9th Depth.

The 9th Depth condenses down into the Dot (the 8th Depth), and so on….Creation begins. Endlessly.

Last night at the kava bar near my home (um, why do we not have kava bars in every neighborhood??), I pulled a Mana card: 1-‘I’O (Essence) Mystery. The companion book says that this card is about ascension. And connection to Spirit.

I started wondering if this card had a message for me (all things have a message for us if we are looking for it!), and I think it’s something about alignment. Void and Creation are ONE. Nothingness and existence are one. There is no difference between here and not here, ultimately.

As the Void condenses down into the Dot, it gives birth to the Spark (7th Depth), which animates all of Creation, and we come alive, in all of our infinite diversity. We are LIFE, and life is us. Oneness again.

When we die, there we are back with the Void again, in Oneness. We are always in Oneness, in life and in death.

Ascension, in my mind, is about Oneness, remembering we have never been separate from God/Unity/Divinity.

But we’ve been taught that we ARE separate from God, and that we have to DO something to earn our way back into Oneness.

‘I’O is associated with the Hawk spirit animal. Power, ascension, vision, Oneness, fearlessness. Seeing everything and using intuition to guide action.

Going into Oneness is about dissolving into the Mystery of life, which is the endless creation cycle out of the Void, into somethingness, back into nothingness.

Peace originates from no longer resisting life and death as an endless cycle. Respecting death, respecting life, and seeing that ultimately, they are not different from each other.

They both originate in the Void, they both go back to the Void, which I see as the Universal Womb/Mother/Feminine. We are born, we die, over and over again in so many ways throughout our lives.

No ending, no beginning, only Oneness, Truth, Unity, Love.

This is the most abstract blog entry I have ever written, so I publish it with a bit of hesitancy, but I’d love to hear your comments if you have any! 🙂


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2 Responses to Mystery

  1. Susan Brock says:

    Sarah, you are experiencing and living deep, deep profound truths! I totally understand on a certain level what you have written about, and yet I am not quite clear enough in my being to have a complete realization of it. In time…
    Thank you for sharing where your Jin Shin Jyutsu practice has helped ultimately take you…Beautiful!

    • jsjnashville says:

      Hi Susan! Sometimes when I write, I don’t even know what’s coming out until I write it – it’s just intuitive. So if it doesn’t make any sense, you can blame my subconscious mind…lol. It’s fun to write that way though, because I’m getting out of my own way. And when someone like you reads it and replies, I feel so SEEN – it’s really a miraculous thing! If you started a blog about your experiences, I would love to read it!!! 🙂 xo

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