Winter Solstice and the Big Breath of Life



Snow on Mauna Kea for the Solstice!

Last night, I was feeling the Winter Solstice energies pretty strongly.

It felt like things were being removed that were no longer needed, and things that I needed were
being added to my understanding. I know that is extremely vague, but it did feel like it was happening at a very high, energetic level that was outside of my normal, every day perception.

I woke up in the middle of the night, as usual, but this time, the flow that wanted to be done was Diaphragm Flow. I almost never feel drawn to doing that flow on myself unless something pretty drastic is happening.

Diaphragm Flow is a 6th Depth flow (Big Breath of Life) like Umbilicus Flow, but it’s more about extroversion than introversion. If Umbilicus helps energy rise in the introvert by providing nurturing to the roots of one’s being, Diaphragm helps energy to descend in the extrovert by doing the same thing in the other direction – rooting.

I could hardly breathe when I woke up – like a panic attack. Similar to what I usually experience, but worse.

Diaphragm Flow is associated with the fire sign of Sagittarius and the function of perception. It is about the part of you that seeks the Truth. It also governs the heart, so is an emergency flow for heart attacks.

Energy needs to descend when we are stuck in our heads and out of our hearts. When we are out of the heart, the whole body is stressed and working too hard just to live. The head is really not designed to run our lives, because it is a servant to heart, but most of us have been conditioned to live in the opposite direction.

Last night, I was up in my head because so much was stirring in me – so much changing and shifting, so much growth happening inside me, so many new friendships and connections, so much love making its way inside my body and up into my heart. I think I just felt overwhelmed with it all.

All I needed was the first step of Diaphragm Flow, and my breathing normalized. I felt so much more relaxed, and I fell back to sleep, off and on, because the energy coursing inside me was still very intense, but at least I was breathing!

This morning, I realized that I had made peace with being here on the Big Island and living my purpose here, whatever that may be (still don’t know yet).

I feel safe and trusting now. Something was ACCEPTED that was being rejected before the Solstice: my new life.

I still don’t know what it’s all about or why exactly I was led here. But I just know it was meant to be, and I am supposed to be here. That’s all I can perceive right now!


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