ManaCard-11Last night, I pulled Mana card 11Ka Wai A Ka Pililiko. I learned that this card means, “(The Water of the Reflected Image) Reflection.” It is associated with the chants (in English):

Yours is the essence, O God,
ours the material part.


Be quick to hear,
but slow to speak.

I started thinking about Safety Energy Lock 11 and how it might be related to “Reflection.”

Mary says that SEL 11 means “justice” and “getting rid of excess baggage” in order to facilitate total balance of inhale and exhale. Located at the top of the shoulder, it is the location of LOTS of stress and tension for us humans, who carry a lot of excess baggage by necessity sometimes – other people give it to us to carry when we are very young!!

In some senses, life is simply about dropping more and more of this excess baggage and surrendering to the simple BEING that we are, without all of the excess, and in a state of homeostasis with our surroundings and our inner worlds.

The REFLECTION of what we see in the world is US. The more baggage we are carrying around, the more baggage the world will appear to be carrying, and we will go out with our swords and shields and attempt to battle it.

I fight with reality a lot. I think that if I can change something OUT THERE, I can change IN HERE, too, and be in less pain from all of my accumulated baggage over the years.

Nope! Doesn’t work that way, because what’s “out there” is also in here, in the sense that I have internalized abuse, meanness, and cruelty of the world sometimes.

This world is not always nice. Children experience horrific things that tear them to shreds and load them up with seemingly insurmountable baggage at times. I’ve met many of these children, and sometimes I feel like I am one, but I know the traumas I’ve experienced are NOTHING relative to what some children and adults experience during their lives.

REGARDLESS of what traumas we have experienced, we all have Safety Energy Lock 11. We can all hold our shoulders, fingers, and other areas of our bodies to release this tension and exhale trauma, inhale purified cosmic energy.

This process is completely democratic and inclusive. NO ONE is excluded from our inherited ability to heal. No one.

Throw one hand over your shoulder, and with the other hand, make a loop with your ring finger fingernail and thumb. Or, with the free hand, hold your sit bone (buttock) on that same side as the shoulder you’re holding. Exhale, breathe deeply for a few minutes, and release excess baggage from SEL 11.

Freedom is the ability to exhale what does not belong to us. Then, when we look out into the world around us, we see the reflection of our clear minds, rather than the reflection of fear, tension, and our past.



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1 Response to Reflections

  1. Susan Brock says:

    This post I can totally relate to – the part about my outside world being a mirror of my inner world. I have healed so much of my past and traumas through a therapy called Family Constellations (and working with a very gifted facilitator/psychologist) and see a world of much more grace and beauty than I used to. And I use my JSJ to integrate the changes that occur doing that work. Beautiful!
    Thanks again for sharing 🙂

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