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Overcoming Fear

ManoCardBuilding a new life in Hawaii is not as easy as it might appear (based on U.S. media about Hawaii).

The sharks (challenges) of life are everywhere. The lifeforce energy is so powerful here that everything seems to be exaggerated.

Any projects I was working on before I moved here have been blown up and magnified so that they are right up in my face every day, all the time. But as Elizabeth Gilbert said about a huge, recent life change: sometimes you have to pray for things to get worse instead of better in order to get to the other side of the challenge.

That’s what I’m praying right now, every day, so my Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help has never been more important to me, especially holding my index finger (harmonizes fear)!

I am someone who has always struggled with panic and fear. It’s just the way I came into the world, but I now have a huge toolbox from which to choose a skill that helps me ground, center, and return to my true self, where I feel at home again.

Still waking up at some point during the night with panic and shortness of breath and practicing JSJ for 30 minutes to an hour, after which I always go back to sleep (unless the alarm is about to go off!) Still using lung, large intestine, stomach, spleen, bladder, 1, 2, 5/6/7/8, breathing, and umbilicus flows, in some combination during each session.

Safety Energy Lock 9 at the base of the shoulder blades came into the universe meaning “end of a cycle is beginning of another; every end is seed of a fresh beginning, the basis of foundation,” according to Mary. 9 is also the number of the 2nd Depth, which is about grief and attachment. When I look at this Mano card I pulled tonight, I wonder about the connection between 9 and Shark…

The card says that it is about leadership under treacherous conditions. Leadership requires the ability to be courageous and let go of one’s mistakes and the mistakes of others without holding onto the past. Grieving and letting go of the past is the best way to stand in the power of the present and take on the leadership role that we are called to.

I’m wondering if there is a connection between fear and leadership, as well, because leaders must know what fear is like in order to rise up and help others who feel afraid and need encouragement to keep walking on their paths.

I’m tying everything together here. 🙂 When I feel fear, and yet I’m able to harmonize it and come back into rhythm with the universe, I can lead more strongly and powerfully because I can help those around me rise to the occasion by example.

Thank you, Mary, for your Physiophilosophy that lets me understand my life through the lens of the Cosmos!


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ManaCard-11Last night, I pulled Mana card 11Ka Wai A Ka Pililiko. I learned that this card means, “(The Water of the Reflected Image) Reflection.” It is associated with the chants (in English):

Yours is the essence, O God,
ours the material part.


Be quick to hear,
but slow to speak.

I started thinking about Safety Energy Lock 11 and how it might be related to “Reflection.”

Mary says that SEL 11 means “justice” and “getting rid of excess baggage” in order to facilitate total balance of inhale and exhale. Located at the top of the shoulder, it is the location of LOTS of stress and tension for us humans, who carry a lot of excess baggage by necessity sometimes – other people give it to us to carry when we are very young!!

In some senses, life is simply about dropping more and more of this excess baggage and surrendering to the simple BEING that we are, without all of the excess, and in a state of homeostasis with our surroundings and our inner worlds.

The REFLECTION of what we see in the world is US. The more baggage we are carrying around, the more baggage the world will appear to be carrying, and we will go out with our swords and shields and attempt to battle it.

I fight with reality a lot. I think that if I can change something OUT THERE, I can change IN HERE, too, and be in less pain from all of my accumulated baggage over the years.

Nope! Doesn’t work that way, because what’s “out there” is also in here, in the sense that I have internalized abuse, meanness, and cruelty of the world sometimes.

This world is not always nice. Children experience horrific things that tear them to shreds and load them up with seemingly insurmountable baggage at times. I’ve met many of these children, and sometimes I feel like I am one, but I know the traumas I’ve experienced are NOTHING relative to what some children and adults experience during their lives.

REGARDLESS of what traumas we have experienced, we all have Safety Energy Lock 11. We can all hold our shoulders, fingers, and other areas of our bodies to release this tension and exhale trauma, inhale purified cosmic energy.

This process is completely democratic and inclusive. NO ONE is excluded from our inherited ability to heal. No one.

Throw one hand over your shoulder, and with the other hand, make a loop with your ring finger fingernail and thumb. Or, with the free hand, hold your sit bone (buttock) on that same side as the shoulder you’re holding. Exhale, breathe deeply for a few minutes, and release excess baggage from SEL 11.

Freedom is the ability to exhale what does not belong to us. Then, when we look out into the world around us, we see the reflection of our clear minds, rather than the reflection of fear, tension, and our past.


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Christmas Wishes


Olivine crystals create Green Sand Beach on the Big Island

If you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! Seemed to be an intense one for a lot of people this year, including myself.

17 is the number of Spirit in Jin Shin Jyutsu, and 18 is the number of body consciousness and human personality.

2018 should be a year of MANIFESTING THINGS IN THE BODY, according to the numbers!

There is so much spiritual energy gathered up from this past year of deep challenges to our human strength.

We are ready to put it into action and in the body. At least that’s how I see it!

I want to put into action HEALING of the body through allowing my body to be fully animated by Spirit (the lessons from this past year) rather than by ego. Ego is the mind’s defense against the power of love.

To resist love is futile! But we try anyway, because love is scary. Love will break down all of our defenses eventually and reveal our pure, raw, open hearts to ourselves and the world.

Let it be so. Let the world rip my defenses to shreds if need be, so I can stop putting up a wall between myself and Love. Let the body manifest love’s visions for the future (healing, surrender, trust, vulnerability, and grace).

May you all experience any deep healing you are looking for this year.

May Love be our guiding force in all things.

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Winter Solstice and the Big Breath of Life



Snow on Mauna Kea for the Solstice!

Last night, I was feeling the Winter Solstice energies pretty strongly.

It felt like things were being removed that were no longer needed, and things that I needed were
being added to my understanding. I know that is extremely vague, but it did feel like it was happening at a very high, energetic level that was outside of my normal, every day perception.

I woke up in the middle of the night, as usual, but this time, the flow that wanted to be done was Diaphragm Flow. I almost never feel drawn to doing that flow on myself unless something pretty drastic is happening.

Diaphragm Flow is a 6th Depth flow (Big Breath of Life) like Umbilicus Flow, but it’s more about extroversion than introversion. If Umbilicus helps energy rise in the introvert by providing nurturing to the roots of one’s being, Diaphragm helps energy to descend in the extrovert by doing the same thing in the other direction – rooting.

I could hardly breathe when I woke up – like a panic attack. Similar to what I usually experience, but worse.

Diaphragm Flow is associated with the fire sign of Sagittarius and the function of perception. It is about the part of you that seeks the Truth. It also governs the heart, so is an emergency flow for heart attacks.

Energy needs to descend when we are stuck in our heads and out of our hearts. When we are out of the heart, the whole body is stressed and working too hard just to live. The head is really not designed to run our lives, because it is a servant to heart, but most of us have been conditioned to live in the opposite direction.

Last night, I was up in my head because so much was stirring in me – so much changing and shifting, so much growth happening inside me, so many new friendships and connections, so much love making its way inside my body and up into my heart. I think I just felt overwhelmed with it all.

All I needed was the first step of Diaphragm Flow, and my breathing normalized. I felt so much more relaxed, and I fell back to sleep, off and on, because the energy coursing inside me was still very intense, but at least I was breathing!

This morning, I realized that I had made peace with being here on the Big Island and living my purpose here, whatever that may be (still don’t know yet).

I feel safe and trusting now. Something was ACCEPTED that was being rejected before the Solstice: my new life.

I still don’t know what it’s all about or why exactly I was led here. But I just know it was meant to be, and I am supposed to be here. That’s all I can perceive right now!

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ManaCard-1-IOIn every Jin Shin Jyutsu 5-Day Basic Seminar, we are taught that everything starts from the Void, the 9th Depth.

The 9th Depth condenses down into the Dot (the 8th Depth), and so on….Creation begins. Endlessly.

Last night at the kava bar near my home (um, why do we not have kava bars in every neighborhood??), I pulled a Mana card: 1-‘I’O (Essence) Mystery. The companion book says that this card is about ascension. And connection to Spirit.

I started wondering if this card had a message for me (all things have a message for us if we are looking for it!), and I think it’s something about alignment. Void and Creation are ONE. Nothingness and existence are one. There is no difference between here and not here, ultimately.

As the Void condenses down into the Dot, it gives birth to the Spark (7th Depth), which animates all of Creation, and we come alive, in all of our infinite diversity. We are LIFE, and life is us. Oneness again.

When we die, there we are back with the Void again, in Oneness. We are always in Oneness, in life and in death.

Ascension, in my mind, is about Oneness, remembering we have never been separate from God/Unity/Divinity.

But we’ve been taught that we ARE separate from God, and that we have to DO something to earn our way back into Oneness.

‘I’O is associated with the Hawk spirit animal. Power, ascension, vision, Oneness, fearlessness. Seeing everything and using intuition to guide action.

Going into Oneness is about dissolving into the Mystery of life, which is the endless creation cycle out of the Void, into somethingness, back into nothingness.

Peace originates from no longer resisting life and death as an endless cycle. Respecting death, respecting life, and seeing that ultimately, they are not different from each other.

They both originate in the Void, they both go back to the Void, which I see as the Universal Womb/Mother/Feminine. We are born, we die, over and over again in so many ways throughout our lives.

No ending, no beginning, only Oneness, Truth, Unity, Love.

This is the most abstract blog entry I have ever written, so I publish it with a bit of hesitancy, but I’d love to hear your comments if you have any! 🙂

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RainbowOceanThis morning, some very, very dear friends packed up my apartment in Nashville, took things over to my parents’ house to store until I can get back and deal with them (thanks, Dad!), and organized the rest so that some of the essentials could be shipped to me here on the Big Island. Holy Cow.

I started thinking about Bridges in Jin Shin Jyutsu, and how the body itself is a Bridge between the Invisible and Visible worlds.

I cannot express how much gratitude I feel today toward my friends for offering me this heart service without asking for anything in return.

But if I allow myself to RECEIVE it, then I understand that ultimately, it’s just Life giving unto Life. None of it belongs to me OR them OR anyone else – it’s just life giving unto life, because LOVE is the basic situation of the lifeforce.

There is the Bridge IN: the 6th Depth (Spirit) coming into the 3rd Depth (Key/Soul/Lifeforce) through the portal of the pelvis and sacrum.

Then there is the Bridge OUT: the 4th Depth (Love) going back into the 6th Depth (Spirit) through the portal of the heart/lungs/chest.

We are these transforming beings who use Spiritual Force to do work in the world, transmuting it into Love and sending it back to Spirit from whence it came.

Oh my God, that is so beautiful!!!

Because my friends created this Bridge from my old life to my new life now, and they loved me so well that it convinced me I am beautiful and worthy of being loved, enjoyed, and appreciated, now I HAVE to accept that I am a transmuting being, turning Spiritual Energy into usable energy for the body (6th Depth into 3rd Depth), then sending it back out into the Universe to be used by other beings (4th Depth to 6th Depth), infinitely, in an endless circle of Life.

Wow wow wow!!!

This changes everything, now that I ACCEPT it.

Sometimes it is hard to accept our beauty, our lovability, our Divinity.

Because we’ve been conditioned to believe that we will only be loved “IF.” So many if’s, conditions, or simply forms of illusory deprivation.

Illusory because Love is still THERE when we are deprived of it, but it’s just very, very hard to see.

So to BE in the state of transforming Love into usable energy for the body and the world constantly is to accept your lovability and your beauty and your power constantly.

Not an easy thing if you have lots of clouds over your eyes about your true Nature, which I know I’ve spent decades clearing away and continue to clear every single day.

Gratitude is the cure for deprivation, but sometimes Grace has to do that, because we can’t.

Grace helped me today to accept how worthy of love I really am.

I’ll never forget this lesson again, because that would be like wasting my friends’ kindness and selfless acts of love.

I hope that they received something from this experience, too, because it truly opened up my eyes to what true love is – generosity of Spirit so someone else feels lighter, easier in life.

What a huge gift. What a huge, huge gift.

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Birthplace of the Cosmic Mother

KawaaHeartRocksI’m in Hawaii, on the Big Island. I came here on a 10-day retreat and wound up staying longer. How long, I don’t know. I’m working out the details right now, but it feels right to me to stay, and I can’t really explain it other than to say I feel at home here.

During my first week in Na’alehu, a small town near the southern tip of the island, I met two people at the farmer’s market who had relocated to Hawaii after coming to visit – one from Canada and one from California. They said they could never imagine moving back to the Mainland.

I’m not at that point yet and don’t know if that will happen to me, too…But I understand the pull very well now. I understand that something in my body RESPONDS to this place as though I were always meant to be here, and finally found it.

I never finished my blog post series about the mudras, because I stopped using them in such a conscious way – only “as needed,” if you will. Which is the way I always use Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help. Some people may benefit from regular, disciplined practice of particular flows at particular times, and that is wonderful. I’m an “as needed” practitioner, and my need just happens to arise every day, usually between 1 and 3am.

Not much has changed about my self-help practice other than the fact that I’m now doing it Hawaii, which is in a different time zone, to which I had to adjust. Otherwise, I’m still working on my 1st and 2nd and 6th depths, every day, all the time, each night when I wake up between 1 and 3 involuntarily.

And the sequence of flows I use is always intuitively guided, and it always ends with Umbilicus Flow on left or right side. Always. I love that flow so much, because when I’m finished with the hour or so of practice, it’s a delicious way to feel like a baby in the Mother’s arms. That’s the best way I can describe it.

And that’s the way Hawaii feels to me right now – like a Mother. Like I am literally living inside of her right now, healing, and re-learning how to be a human being.

It is the strangest thing I have ever experienced, but also the best.

I don’t know how long this healing period and rebirthing will last. I literally have no idea what Divine Will has in mind for me right now, but I trust so much that the Divine Mother loves me. THAT I know for sure, and I want everybody in the world to know how it feels to be this wrapped in safety. It is truly miraculous. Maybe not everybody needs it the way I did and do, because I’ve struggled with that kind of trust my whole life.

All I know is that I’m grateful to be experiencing it now, as if all of the millions of Umbilicus Flows I’ve practiced have led me right to where I needed to be: the Cosmic Mother’s birthplace.


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Playing with the Mudras

BathingSuitSunglassesJiro Murai, who experienced the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu in his own body while meditating in a terminal condition, utilized finger poses “to prove to himself that they were effective in clearing all circulatory blockages” (Mary Burmeister, Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu IS, Book III). These finger poses are explained in detail is Self-Help Text III, as well as Text I of the 5-Day Basic Seminar.

Affectionately known as “the mudras,” they comprise eight finger poses that help the body to exhale, inhale, calm nervous tension/stress, release fatigue, worry, fear, and anger, strengthen respiration, ease back tension, and receive the purified Breath of Life. They are “all inclusive,” says Mary, so they take care of our total being.

I am about to embark on a personal retreat for 10 days, and I plan to play with these finger mudras every day to experiment with the power that they contain. I intend to create a brief blog entry each day to report on my findings. 🙂  Stay tuned for more!

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Deep Skin Healing


Deep Skin Flow on a porch swing

About two years ago, I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my forehead, near my hairline. It was in the neighborhood of Safety Energy Lock 20 (about an inch above the eyebrow). The doctor said, “See you for the next one!” as I was leaving, which I did not appreciate.

Two years later, another one developed in a similar area on the other side of my forehead. What a disappointment! I thought I had been taking such good care of myself, including boosting my immunity through daily Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help.

However, what I realized is that I had not been practicing Deep Skin Flow, which is essential for someone with chronic skin projects like me. When I finally woke up to how important this flow is for me, I forced myself to create a discipline around it (which I resist until the last minute!) I started practicing Deep Skin Flow twice a day, as well as clearing Safety Energy Lock 20 through several different holds and flows.

Since I began these practices, the spot on my forehead seemed to grow, spread out, become thinner, and then disappear. I did have it biopsied so that I could be sure it was not dangerous, but it’s gone now, except for some dryness and flakiness.

I have not received the results of the biopsy yet. I hope they are negative, but because there is no spot there any more, I can’t imagine the doctor will want to intervene….We will just have to see. I will respect what he says, while also consulting my own body.

To practice Deep Skin Flow, hold your calves. Very simple. My favorite way to do it is to sit up, legs crossed, and slide my hands over my calves so that my palms are making full contact with the back of the calf. I first hold right calf with right hand and left with left, then cross my hands and hold right calf with left hand, left with right. I find this flow – especially with my hands crossed – very relaxing and soothing. Because I’m essentially also holding Safety Energy Lock 8 (at the backs of the knees) with this hold, it’s relaxing the muscles of the whole body (SEL 8 helps anything related to muscles). It helps me to feel fully present in my body. Deep Skin Flow helps the Second Depth, which is about Breath, and therefore, being in the moment.

You can also hold your calves while sitting in a chair, or have someone else hold them while you are lying down (which feels the best!) Experiment with hands crossed and uncrossed to see which is more relaxing, which is a sign that the body needs that side held more.

My family has a history of having “spots” removed from the skin – especially my dad. We have lovely white British skin that doesn’t take too well to a lot of skin exposure, of which I was extremely fond as a teenager. Wish I’d known better then. But now I have Jin Shin Jyutsu to support harmonization of deep skin projects.

ALWAYS have a recurring skin project checked by a doctor!!! And use Jin Shin Jyutsu to support your healing!!!

With tons of love,


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