My name is Jennifer Adair. I began studying Jin Shin Jyutsu in 1999, completed my basic training in 2004, have taught the art since 2007, and was certified to teach nurse’s continuing education in 2009. Now I’m helping organize 5-day seminars in Nashville, teaching regular self-help classes, and expanding my practice. Since the beginning, a daily self-help practice has made a tremendous difference in my life. Along the way, I’ve worked on anybody I could get my hands on: my Dad, other family and friends, strangers on the street (with permission!), dogs, cats, horses, people who called me up because they had heard I “did some stuff” and wanted help with a project. It’s been a long and interesting journey.

A native Tennessean, I was born in the naval hospital near Memphis. Overseas duty took the family to Tripoli, Libya, Zaragosa, Spain, Michigan, and finally back home to Tennessee. After high school, I went on to California, Florida, and Texas, managing a B.S. in Building Construction from Texas A&M University before returning to Memphis. Next came a career in construction and facility management from 1976 to 1996.

Those first four decades of my life, I lived and functioned in a “left brain” world. Construction management, computers, and accounting require symbol oriented, linear thinking. My work was about real objects, such as buildings, but the process kept me separate from them. I didn’t pick up a piece of wood in my hands, feel its texture, smell the pungent cedar as I cut it. I managed the contractor that hired the person who cut the wood. I didn’t even write a report using my hands, paper, and pen—it came off a printer.

In 1986 I took a stained glass class. I was enthralled by what glass does with color and light and loved working with my hands as well as my mind. Glass as a hobby kept me sane for several years.

In 1993 I began studying T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Truly a turning point in my life, tai chi has reminded me of something I knew as a child—how to be. As I went further down this path, I also re-learned how to see. My teacher Jean is the person who introduced me to Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Zeke's favorite words are "Ready to get carded?" I am gathering his undercoat to spin.

Zeke’s favorite words are “Ready to get carded?” I am gathering his undercoat to spin.

By 1994, I had stopped wearing a watch and in 1996 left my “day job” and opened an art glass studio, which was the basis for my livelihood for the next fifteen years. I currently work with fiber as my chosen craft medium, spinning, processing raw wool, weaving, and knitting. Last year included the development of a new method of cleaning sheep’s fleece using lactobacillus instead of hot water and detergent, which was published in Spin-Off Magazine, Winter 2013. This spring will see the release of my book, Chaordic Knitting, on a knitting technique I developed. You can see some of my work at

Needing some woods and hills in my life, in 1999 I moved east to Dickson County, where I live with my blue heeler, Zeke.